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Challenge 55: Dead Man Walking and Autumn

Well, no one entered Challenge 54, even with the extension, so we'll try a new challenge.

Caps: Season Four: Dead Man Walking

The screencaps are from dj_capslock

Gibbs 1
Gibbs 2
Gibbs and Abby
Gibbs and Ducky
Tony 1
Tony 2
Ziva 1
Ziva 2
Ziva and Tony

You may blend between these pictures and add any brushes and textures (without text/tiny text, of course) that you would like, but you may not add any additional pictures.

Special vote for this category will be best cropping.

Theme: Autumn

So, I know that it is only Autumn in the Northern hemisphere, but I like the season, especially the colors of the fall foliage. Thus, your challenge is to use the colors of fall: red, orange, yellow, and brown - all nice warm shades. Some example colors can be found at this warm color hexidecimal code chart (up until the greens at the bottom; they don't count for this challenge).

Season four images are now fair game to use, but please exercise common sense, as some people might not have seen all of the episodes yet. If you want to icon bad guy #3 from the 8th episode, please don't make it be his pivotal death scene five minutes from the end of the episode! (Not that I'm saying there is a pivotal death scene for bad guy #3 or anything.) *grin*

Special vote for this category will be best use of texture/border.

Common Rules
*** Post your entry (or entries, up to three for each part) in a comment to this post. Don't forget to submit your entry in both IMG SRC and URL formats.
*** Blends are allowed.
*** No text (even tiny text) is allowed for either challenge.
*** Animation is allowed for one entry only (i.e. all three allowed entries can't be animated - the other two *must* be still)
*** Icons must not have been publicly posted prior to this challenge and must stay under cover until this challenge is over.

Entries are due Monday night, November 19th, November 26th, 9pm PST (midnight EST). Here is that time converted to other timezones.

If you have any questions, please ask. I hope to see lots of great icons!
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