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Challenge 54

And it looks like we're missing a moderator, so we'll move right along and hope she rejoins us later. ^^; FYI, until further notice, we're not going to use the Mon-Mon entry, but will rather do a rotating schedule where well run the challenge for a week, do the voting and winners, and then run the next one. This will end up with roughly a 10/12-day schedule between challenges.

Theme for Challenge 54 is "Banners" - yes, that's right. We're going to make our own offical "NCIS Hush" banners. :)

For this challenge, use the 1st place and Mod's Choice winners of challenge 52 (either theme or caps, your choice) to make a set of banners. (Reminder, you only need two for the set - 1st and Mod's Choice - don't use 2nd or 3rd.) There is no restriction on size or orientation for the banners - we tend to use a horizontal 100x300 set, but I've seen some great vertical ones and some that defy a definition. ;D We will be using the winning sets as our future banner bases, so please try and make a set that can be used with any icon.

Banners must have on them "NCIS Hush", entrant's name, winning place, challenge information (challenge # and 'theme' or 'caps')

For this challenge, you can enter as many times as you like. If you have questions, just comment here.

Caps are some high-quality images from Season 4. Five images from the Michael Weatherly Fans Media Center are located [in this album]. (Replicated only to make it clear which five images are to be used, and to save on their bandwidth.) Feel free to use all or part of the images (they're high res, so feel free to only use parts!) or to mix and match and add any special effects you'd like. You can enter up to 3 icons for this part of the challenge.

[:] Post your entry (or entries) in a comment to this post. Don't forget to submit your entry in both IMG SRC and URL formats.
[:] No text (even tiny text) is allowed.
[:] Other rules on our user info.

Entries are due Monday, November 5 12, at 9pm PST (mid EST).
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