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Journal header and matching icon made by dragonlady981

NCIS Hush is a icon challenge community. The goal of NCIS Hush is to create and compete with textless icons from the hit tv show, N.C.I.S.

General Rules

1. First and most important, you must join the community to post icons/to vote. :)

2. All icons must fit LJ specifications (less than or equal to 40K and 100x100 pixels, submitted in either .PNG, .JPG, or .GIF formats).

3. Do not post your icons anywhere else until after the challenge is over and winners are announced.

4. Please only enter new icons made from scratch. Do not use an icon that is old or made by somebody else. Use your own work. If you're suspected of using someone else's icon, you'll be disqualified, possibly banned if verified.

5. This is a 'hush' challenge community meaning that no text is to be used on the icon. Even tiny, unreadable text is not allowed. (Text is text no matter what size.) This also means no textures with text and no brushes with text.


Challenges will run Monday through Monday, entries due at 9pm PST / mid EST.

Voting will be posted sometime after the entries are due (usually within a few hours, real life not withstanding).

Posting of new challenges will be at ANY time Monday - does not have to wait for the voting for the old one to be up.

Monday - New challenge posted
- old challenge entries due by 9pm PST / 12 mid EST
- old challenge voting posted sometime after the challenge ends
(usually within 1-2 hours)

Wednesday - old challenge voting ends
- old challenge winners posted

sometime - banners posted for the old challenge sometime after the winners are posted, generally no later than the next Monday.

Note: Extensions
If we don't have 10 entries by mid-day Monday, we'll automatically extend the challenge two days to Wednesday night. The new challenge will be posted as scheduled.


- Each challenge will have two parts: theme and cap.
o The 'theme' portion will challenge you to make icons based on an idea, a technical aspect, a character, or an episode. You can use any screencaptures for the base of your icon in the 'theme' portion. Specific rules will be in each challenge.
o The 'cap' portion will supply 4-8 specific screencapturess to make icons from. You *must* use one of these screencaptures for the base of your icon for the 'cap' portion of the challenge.

- Each part will also have a "special vote" attached to it, such as 'best use of texture', 'most original', 'best matching theme', etc. (Voters will be voting for this, as well as for 1st and 2nd places.)

- Each part of the challenge may have three entries for it. So you may submit up to three entries for theme, and another three for cap. (You're not required to submit three for each -- if you just want to enter, say, 1 for theme and 2 for cap you can, or even 3 for cap and none for theme. Whatever icons you'd like to make ^__^)

- The contest is anonymous at the time of voting. Entries are submitted by 'reply' to the challenge post with all comments (entries) screened. (After voting, the entries will be unscreened so people can see who made what icon.)
o Post using both IMG SRC code and the URL of the icon. Example:

o If you need to make a correction to your entry, please delete the old comment and post a new one. (This makes it easier to keep track of entries)
o *Please host them on a server that allows hotlinking! We suggest using Photobucket.
o If your icon doesn't show up because the url is broken or it has been deleted for some reason, it won't be included for voting.

- Moderators are also eligible to enter contests. (Frankly, we don't have enough icon-making members for us not to enter. ^^;; )

Image Use - i.e. spoilers?

- All images from Season 1-4 of NCIS are fair game.

- Season 5:
At half-way through the season, you can start using plot icons from the first half of the season, but please refrain from any *major* season spoilers (like deaths).

Voting and Results

- Voting will run Monday night through Wednesday night.

- For *both* theme and cap (please clearly label the parts!), you will vote for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and a Special Vote. (Note: if there are fewer than 8 icons entered, there won't be a special vote)

It should look something like:
theme: 15, 2, 12, sv3
cap: 1, 9, 4, sv10
(either horizontal or vertical voting is fine)

- Voting will be completed through screened comments. Votes are weighted, which means that the icon you give first place gets more points than the icon you give third place. (3 points for 1st, 2 for 2nd, and 1 for 3rd.)

- Do not vote for yourself, or ask anybody else to vote for you. Please vote while logged into LiveJournal. Any anonymous votes will not be counted.


The number of winners will be based on the number of entries received for each part, as follows:

#entries -- awards
01-08 -- 1st place, 2nd place, Mod's Choice
09-19 -- 1st place, 2nd place, Special Award, Mod's Choice
20/more -- 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, Special Award, Mod's Choice
These can be altered at the discretion of the mod in the case of a plethora of ties.

- In addition, we will be starting a "Best of the bi-Monthly" contest. We're still working on the details.

Winning Awards

Each winner will get banners with a picture of their winning icon and listing the award they won, made by our wonderful banner makers.

Who We Are

Moderators -

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Screencaps -
~ For handy screencaps to use in the challenge try one of the following sites -
NCIS: Tony Dinozzo (Screencaps Page)
Michael Weatherly Fans | Media Center
And dj43 at djcapslock

Other Resources -

NCIS Germany
Cap Addict: NCIS Season 1 Screencaps